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**LIMITED TIME OFFER**: Free Upgrade Kit for IIES Optimus Prime Buyers

**LIMITED TIME OFFER**: 📣Free Upgrade Kit 📣for IIES Optimus Prime Buyers
The IIES series - 62cm Optimus Prime is getting ready and will be officially launched soon! Orders will be shipped early next year.
We are excited to announced the Earth Mode is now open for order - for a very limited quantity and time only! Free upgrades below will be exclusively offered to the Earth Mode buyers from now until December 31, 2021.
a. Buyers who get an A-card "IIES Display Base" will receive an extra "Globe Hologram" (worth RMB299);
b. Buyers get a B-card "Globe Hologram" will receive an extra "IIES Display Base" (worth RMB2,999);
c. Buyers get a Double Bonus AB-card "Globe Hologram + IIES Display Base" will receive an extra set of "Cybertron Mode" Skin Upgrade Kit.
At the same time, to express our gratitude, current buyers who have purchased the Earth Mode Optimus Prime previously will also receive the same free upgrades! Buyers who have purchased the Cybertron Mode Std/ Deluxe version will receive an extra set of "Earth Mode" Skin Upgrade Kit.